Hiram Roman

Hiram Roman

Founder & Designer


Design. Detail. Collaboration. Communication.

The way a building or product is detailed can be a beautiful thing; over the years I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty in simplicity of design and complexity of how a building is detailed, or vise versa. Even if a form looks complex it doesn’t have to be, and sometimes the most simple looking buildings are the most detailed and truly complex. Detailing, however, is only a small part of design, designing from macro to micro scales is highly important because there are different levels of interaction with a building or space. Siting a building affects not only how it looks around other buildings, but how they, the general public and the infrastructure all interact with it. Materials and spaces provide a scale that close attention should be paid to, while the details of how those materials and forms come together make a great and well designed building truly beautiful.

The four items listed aren’t the only traits or characteristics that make a person or project successful, but to me they are dire to it. My goal is simply to find suitable and practical solutions to the design needs. I don't see the value in extravagent features if the purpose doesn't call for them nor do I see the value in sacrificing quality where it's savings are negligible or detrimental to the final outcome. Practice good and safe design, the final outcome is rewarding.



Design is where imagination and reality come together. No idea is too generic nor grand, each is simply a manifestation waiting to take place.


Music is an escape into another world, a way to clear the mind while enjoying rich compositions of various sounds, in harmony, creating beautiful, soothing and vibrant rythms.

Travel & Explore

Travel and exploration go hand in hand. You don't know what you don't know, so I'm constantly in search of expanding my knowledge of the world. Like everyone else with an internet connection and a camera I attempt to document my adventures via photographs.


Fitness is crucial. It is a way to clear the mind and please the soul. Basketball is and will forever be my first love, closely followed by jogging. Any excuse to get up and run is a good excuse in my book.


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Dallas, Tx