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The Person

The Person

I was recently asked to fill out a number of questions for an employee spotlight thing my office does and I figured I should share my responses on the site. Read along if you'd like to know a little more about the person behind site:

Who is your favorite architect?

Renzo Piano, no contest. I appreciate his craft and the idea of building full sized mock ups in order to fully figure out and understand a design, because I honestly don’t think you can be a great designer unless you know how to effectively build what you design. Combined with the use of light, the Piano Workshop has produced some of the most beautiful buildings of today.

What building of theirs inspires you the most?

I knew about the Nasher before it was constructed, I saw it being constructed, I researched it for multiple projects during school and I visit it frequently. It’s probably not the most inspiring building but I feel a personal connection to it and if I ever need a reminder of why I love architecture a simple trip to the nasher will always help


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