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Design Intent(ions) vs. Blurred Lines

Design Intent(ions) vs. Blurred Lines

Over the last couple of weeks, months, or possibly even years I've been struggling with understanding when too much is too much and when too little is too little. Actually, what I've been struggling with is telling others when I think too much is too much or too little is too little. How many times have you been on the brink of taking your project from great to spectacular?! Or in a more real scenario, from bad to ok, or good to somewhat better? Designs change and evolve as a project evolves. it's the nature of the beast. In the recent past I've encountered a number of situations where design solutions are resolved by pointing out a blurry line in an outdated rendering. Or by adding a slight recess (almost unnoticeable at eye level) 200 feet up in the air. I don't consider myself the best designer around, and some may say I suck, but there's times when I question others' abilities as well.

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License to... Design?

What does it mean to be an "Architect?"

Seriously, what does it mean? I recently became a licensed architect after many many many painful nights, failed exams, countless hours of studying, stress-filled days, weeks and months... and now that I am FINALLY licensed... what does is mean? Does it mean I can go out and start designing amazing buildings that will win awards and  get published in every architecture periodical that exists, or is relevant? Does it mean I can walk into the office and demand higher pay because, well I'm an architect. Does it mean I automatically know all the ins and outs of the building design and construction industry and can therefore go off on my own, start a firm and start designing cool shit...?


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